Wednesday 14 December 2011

Thirsty work

Amazing how you can start fixing something and all of a sudden you find a billion more things that aren't quite right and demand immediate attention. 

Fixed a puncture on my bike this evening. Started two-and-a-half hours ago. Decided it needed new rim tape; a good clean; oooh, those tyres need changing; reckon the gears want a good clean, regrease and re-index; haven't cleaned the chainrings for a while...

So a five minute job at most has taken nearly thirty times that. Which explains why I'm not posting until this hour. And which also explains this fairly concise preamble. I'm thirsty now too. Good job this is a 500ml bottle, then. 

Beer: Brodies Dalston Black IPA
Strength: A hefty 7%
Colour: A deep, dark scarlet.
Smell: An intoxicating combination of French Golden Delicious apples, cherry blossom and Thai stick.
Tasting notes: As you gulp and the burst of carbonation subsides, your tongue becomes the unwitting recipient of an almost relentless barrage of bitterness. Akin to the first few spatters of rain patting the dry pavement before the deluge, it's as if an avalanche of hoppy harshness is coming and you'd better be ready. But you can't be ready, you see. If you can taste it, there's no escape. For some, the bitterness might be pushing it a bit far, but after more than two hours faffing with a bike, I can deal with this.
Gut reaction: Doesn't taste too threatening, although that carbonation up front could cause some ructions.  
Session factor: Not at this ABV, but you could knock back a few served in schooners.
Arbitrary score: Eight bloody nil.

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