Thursday 10 December 2015

Blue sky drinking

So it gose: a philosophical beer
that makes you wonder
I do not want to drink this beer. It might have taken 10 days, but finally, I've reached that inevitable point in the calendar. I do not want to drink this beer. But I will. I will. 

This got me thinking. Thinking about whether or not things that were once good are now bad. It feels like they are. I just got back from a Roddy Frame gig and was stricken by the feeling I was in a bubble of nostalgia, but actually, in reality, it wasn't the real world.

Granted, the Cadogan Hall will do that for you. But something about the whole evening seemed backward looking and that, in truth, I was looking on at something that had happened a long time ago. I suppose I was, especially given the setlist and the fact I was sitting with someone I met more than 30 years ago.

The whole thing made me wonder whether I'm existing in a permanent state of looking backwards and wondering at how it was all so much better then. And I came to the conclusion I am and that I should stop.

People quite glibly say you should live in the here and now. I wonder whether they do or they just trot that out so you think they sound like they've worked it all out. I'm not sure anyone can just live in the present, when so much of how you are is shaped by the past.

And I wondered at this blog; whether or not it was still doing what I set out to do all those years ago. I'm pretty sure it isn't. I wondered whether I'd do it again next year and thought I might not want to.

But I will. I will.

Beer: Siren Craft Brewing Blue Sky Blue Sea
Strength: A modest 5%
Smell: Quattro. Remember Quattro? If not, look it up. It was a soft drink in the 80s and this smells exactly like it.
Tasting notes: It tastes just exactly how I want a drink to taste right now. I can't give it any higher praise.
Session factor: Astronimical
Arbitrary score: 170,469

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