Saturday 7 December 2013

Stout task replica

Tough weak: might not be strong, but
it's full of flavour
Sometimes it's only when you stop you realise how much you've been doing. And today, after what's been a hectic week all told, I've hardly been able to function. Tired out. 

Had a long lie-in, did more than my fair share of lounging about and didn't really feel like I'd done anything at all till I put a few plates in my parents' dishwasher. Hard life, eh? Throw a large lunch into the equation and I'm surprised I didn't nod off for the entire afternoon. Seems winter torpor has set in early.

Luckily, I was press-ganged into taking the kids for a walk down the seafront so they could 'get a bit of sea air'. Or so my mum could get some peace and quiet if you ask me. I didn't blame her; they'd been running around like a couple of hyperactive blue-arsed flies on amphetamines.

So off we all sloped, unwilling. And while the sun still shone and there was the prospect of ice cream at Seaford seafront's finest kiosk, spirits remained high. As the clouds mustered, the temperature plummeted and even the most weather-beaten face on the south coast began to shut up shop, enthusiasm waned.

Heads bowed into the gathering wind, we marched back to the car via the briefest of paddles for the youngest in sodden shingle just out of reach of the waves. I don't think any of us have been so grateful for the somewhat meagre shelter offered by my ageing Renault Clio.

Since then, it's all been about sitting down and doing nothing. I've eaten too much, watched the football results come in and worn the seat of my pants out in this now-uncomfortable armchair. Reckon I've just about summoned up enough energy to open this bottle.

Beer: Stout, although not hugely so
Strength: A weight-watching 4.3%
Smell: Bit like inky vinegar out of the bottle, thankfully much smoother in the glass. Almost like a cup of Mellow Birds instant coffee
Tasting notes: Effervescent doesn't begin to describe how it pours. But that just adds to the overall picture here, which is one of a pint of weakened, beery espresso complete with 'crema' on top. While it may only be 4.3% - meeker than a current England batting display - it's packing a terrific amount of flavour. Mostly chocolate, but that's no bad thing with a stout. There's the standard, tangy cold black coffee flavour as well, but it's nicely rounded and inoffensive. At first, I thought this was a phantom homebrew Sam had sneaked in, but I'm not sure about that now.
Session factor: I want several more of these right away.
Gut reaction: Easing, calming and soothing. Exactly what I wanted today.

Actual beer: Glastonbury Ales Black As Yer 'At. A traditional beer, according to the label. Nice to enjoy something a bit old school.

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