Tuesday 26 April 2011

Brighton breezy

Gunn capital: a pub named after someone who
helped royalty bathe in the sea. Brilliant.
Yeah, OK. Cheap shot of a headline, I know. But after the Easter weekend I've had, it's the best you'll get.

Some distance away from cheap shots, however, are my mate Rob's fantastic pictures of Brighton boozers in his Flickr photostream. Rob's been taking great pictures for some years, even before he secretly upped sticks and moved to Brighton.

In his latest project, he's making it his personal mission to photograph every single pub in Brighton and Hove. Whether or not he's actually drinking in each of them is anyone's guess, but I suspect being the ale aficionado he is, there's every chance he's doing just that. A laudable enterprise in itself. To give you an idea of the scale of his challenge, there are more than 300 in the vacinity, so it could take some time and no little toll on the liver.

There are some terrific photos in the collection, plus the odd interesting titbit of blurb as well. If you've ever been to Brighton, you'll doubtless find yourself musing: "Oooh, I've had a pint in there..." or "I've been meaning to try that place out..." as I have been doing while browsing the photostream.

If you haven't, then you could do worse than having a butcher's at the site and treating it like a virtual visual Brighton pub guide.

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