Friday 20 December 2013

Lighter grade of pale

Wan vision: I predict big things for
this ale in summer
Nothing much to report today save nursing a throat that felt like someone had been at it with a set of rusty razorblades. When called upon to talk, I made Tom Waits sound like a pre-voicebroken Aled Jones. 

Could have done without it today as there was an important project to get out and having to do it remotely wasn't easy. But we muddled through somehow and things are finally beginning to wind down at work, with only a day and a half left before we finish for Christmas.

Not long left on the calendar either. Just half a dozen beers before I can hang up my liver for another year. It's been an interesting one for me, what with not knowing what each day will bring and unwrapping each beer to reveal its identity as if it were a little Christmas present. I think I'd like to do this again some time.

Tonight's is a fairly weak pale ale, which I'm happy about. Although my throat would probably prefer a nice, thick, unctuous stout. Perhaps I'll wash it down with a teaspoon of honey.

Beer: Pale ale
Strength: An evening-soothing 3.9%
Smell: Honestly smells like a hoppy pint of Fosters. No one's going to thank me for that, are they?
Tasting notes: I was going to say it was inoffensive and slightly boring, but there's a terrific end to this that lifts it above the moribund and saves it from its opening, which really is slightly insipid. But it just gets better with time. I get the feeling you could serve this to a committed lager drinker and they wouldn't complain. Until the finish, when they'd wonder if someone had spiked their pint. I'm not giving this an unqualified thumbs up, mind. It's a solid pale that would be great on a summer day sitting by a river. Pretty good for a beer that's only 3.9%.
Session factor: Big. But not right now.
Gut reaction: It's not sitting well on that hunk of Lancashire cheese I just polished off.

Actual beer: Gloucester Brewery Priory Pale. I'll have some of that come the middle of next year. 

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