Wednesday 5 January 2011

Beer through the year

Time and the need to fill it with something approaching enjoyable means I'm going to keep the Beer Advent Calendar going for the rest of the year. 

An eventful December pretty much confirmed all I'm really any good at is drinking and talking rubbish about beer. So with a long, likely painful year stretching out ahead of me, I've decided to continue posting about the beer I drink until it's time to do the actual calendar again.

Updates will be in a range of formats. If I'm down the pub, it's unlikely there'll be a 'live' picture as my phone camera is utterly useless. But home drinking will mean you get a proper picture to look forward to. Having planned to do less of this, though, it could mean I need to invest in a new point-and-click.

Some days, it'll just be a link to the excellent Caught By The River website, which carries occasional reviews of beer I knock out every so often. See below for the format (clue: the link is in the caption).

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